Biden Declared War on Gun Owners

Remember when they said they weren’t going to take your guns?

They lied. H.R. 127 and Biden’s recent White House Press Statement prove this. So called “common sense gun reform” is going to do NOTHING but strip law abiding citizens of the right to keep and bear arms. They will do absolutely nothing to actually protect you. The goal is to control you and render you defenseless so that you will have to depend on the government for everything.

We need to stop this. Use your individual influence to educate, directly reach out to your legislators, spread this message on social media and alert everyone around you to the Unconstitutional and tyrannical legislation being proposed by the “leaders” of our country.

Here is Joe Biden’s statement from the White House. This is how freedom will die. The death and deterioration of the Second Amendment, which defines the right and responsibility of the people to defend against tyranny, will cause the downfall of all of our other essential liberties. This is important. Do not ignore it.


  1. Biden is the enabler but its our very own Texan S. J. Lee who initiated this outrageous bill. She has turned her back on millions of law abiding, gun loving, freedom toting Texans and Americans. We need to be sure this does not get into Senate. How do we contact Cruz and Cornyn and ask them to stop this nonsense bill.

    We love the 2A!

    t in texas ________________________________


    1. Hi! Visit their government websites and there is a contact tab. I would urge you to also reach out to your state level officials and U.S. House Representatives. Right now, the bill is in the House. So those are the best people to reach out to immediately. The Senate will only be voting on it when it passes out of the House. That is the first priority!

      Thank you for supporting my blog!


  2. Beth – you may already be aware of this wonderful Conservative college (strange there is one I know) but they had a big announcement below…

    I suggest you give them a look and your endorsement.

    God Bless You,

    Thad in Houston


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