What Should We Do?

The events of today and throughout the past weeks continue to reaffirm the truth that we must seek the Lord and His will in all things. We are told countless times throughout Scripture to seek the Lord and his might. The reason for this is because without Him, we are wholly unable. As a nation who was founded on Christian principles, we have fallen far from what we once were. This is undoubtedly due to a lack of prayer, action, and thoughtfulness on the things of Christ and His kingdom. As a patriot and staunch Constitutionalist, action is often my first thought. This can be a dangerous thing if the will of God is not sought before all else. Action is important, but only when directed by God and wisdom is sought through prayer and study. This is a lesson that I have been learning continually in my work both inside and out of political action.

No matter what happens on this Earth, God is in control. This does not mean that we should be disengaged from public and governmental affairs, but we must work to glorify God in all things. Our opinions, thoughts, and courses of action must align with Biblical truth or it is all baseless. Again, I will never discourage action or encourage inaction on the part of the Christian. We have even more reason to take action and speak out. We MUST seek the will of God AT ALL TIMES. Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever and this must extend to all actions in the public square. As Christians we are tasked with being a witness to everyone around us regarding the mercy and grace of God, but also the necessity of fear of the Lord.

Pray that our leaders and citizens are given wisdom and discernment in the coming days. We must stand for God’s truth regardless of what man says or does. Our nation is at a turning point, for good or for bad. Resting in the truth of God and His word is imperative for hope. Seek the Lord and all the rest will be found. In the end, God is sovereign and we are not.

“On top of the endless chaos surrounding us, our society is drowning in a sea of lies, such that the culture is permeated by a sense of devastating insecurity. We no longer have confidence in politicians, health experts, social activists, academics, or the media—all of them have lost credibility by pursuing agendas over honesty. Even religious leaders have shown a knack for doublespeak and outright deception when it suits their purposes. We have been lied to so routinely that we treat every claim as dubious. Living in that constant state of doubt and suspicion is both exhausting and exasperating. However, there is One to whom we can turn and always hear the truth: the living God who has revealed Himself in the pages of Scripture. In a world dominated by chaos, corruption, and lies, only God is always faithful and true. His Word is truth (John 17:17), and if we want to make sense of the evil days we’re living in—and understand how God would have us respond—it is the only place for us to turn.”

From Grace to You Blog “A World Gone Mad”

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