Ruger American Competition Pistol Launch

Great news everyone! The Ruger American Competition Pistol has launched and it is better than ever.

I have been shooting this pistol for a year now and can easily say that it is the most incredible stock striker-fire that I have ever tried. After shooting it for a year, I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to upgrade their pistol.

There are a lot of incredible, very positive things about this pistol that are worthy of being considered.

This pistol has a 5″ barrel with an pre cut and drilled slide ready for red dots (I recommend the Vortex Razor Red Dot). It is set at an affordable price point of $579.00 MSRP. To set it apart from many other striker-fire pistols, it is outfitted with an adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic front sight. This is important because it allows for quick target acquisition and the ability to choose your hold (I opt for a 6 o’clock hold when at all possible, if you are shooting small targets this allows for greater visibility). The felt recoil on the Ruger American, especially with competition loads is minimal and easy to handle.

Because of the nature of competition and the harsh environment, guns get dirty faster and require cleaning more often. The Ruger American has a quick and easy takedown and can be cleaned and re-oiled quickly.

For more information on the Ruger American Competition Pistol, head over to Ruger’s website!

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